Just when you think all the photographs for Boom Boom Boom Boom have been laid out! This one turns up. In truth it was there all the time but an email from the Carlo Little website about Brian Smith’s Lord Sutch photographs then sparked a recollection. “Didn’t I once snap his backing band The Savages at The Twisted Wheel? Have you seen the photograph while you’ve been sorting all the images out?” Well in all honesty I didn’t recall it. “I think they were in the backstage DJ area chatting to Roger Eagle, when he asked them to turn round and make faces at me….”

Well, in that case I had better look through the folder where I’d put all the images of club members larking about. And sure enough there it was, hiding in plain view. I had assumed it to be four friends of Brian and Roger’s looning for the camera. It turns out to be a rare photograph of Lord Sutch’s backing band, with drummer Carlo Little in the centre at the back. I’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning it up and now we’re sending it off to Iris at the website to see if she can identify the rest of the group. And pin a date on it.

That was the easy part, now we have to get our designer to jiggle stuff around to fit it in to what is essentially a finished layout. Won’t he love doing that? And then we can start arguing about how “blues” was Lord Sutch!

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