Stewart Lee

The Art Of The Bizarre Vinyl Sleeve is starting to get noticed ahead of publication (the book can be pre-ordered now via our shop).  Part of this has been due to the news of Stewart Lee doing a foreword for the book.  We asked Stewart as he is [a] our favourite comedian, [b] a clever […]


If you haven’t yet seen it, we thought you would like to know about our new video which aims to promote the latest title The Art Of The Bizarre Vinyl Sleeve. Hit the Video link on our home page and go to our YouTube channel.  The video gives an overview of the content along with […]

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Steve and Simon met up the other day to take careful delivery of the last sleeve needed for this next book.  We didn’t trust the post as it had already been delivered to one wrong address.  Quite what the people behind the counter in the cafe at Penistone thought we were all up to as […]

Screen time

With the layout finished, The Art of The Bizarre Vinyl Sleeve is now into final proof reading stage.  This takes the form of a b/w laser print out, as we all spot things better on paper!  Prior to this, Steve came over to the Easy On The Eye office so we could sit and talk […]

The Mighty Groundhogs

It doesn’t take much to turn me back into a fan-boy and getting a lovely endorsement from guitarist Tony McPhee for the book of Brian Smith’s Blues Photos last year (after sending him a PDF proof) certainly did the trick. He was of course enthralled by the music of the musicians featured in the book […]

Five alive

If all goes well and I can stay awake, I am chatting about record sleeves with other guests on BBC Radio 5’s Colin Murray show, May 29th midnight to 1.00 am (but playable on Sounds later). They wanted someone to chat about the Bizarre Record Sleeve book we’re publishing later this year. I will post […]

Mailing lists

Just a reminder that you can subscribe to mailing lists for titles which are getting closer to publication time. This way you will get news updates, page previews and pre-order information before it appears anywhere else. Due to a screw up (we’re not sure who is to blame yet! Brexit?) the subscription button for our […]

The Cats

We have put half a dozen preview pages from The Art Of Bizarre Record Sleeves on the site to mark the opening today of the worst album sleeves exhibition in Huddersfield (details below). This gives a good idea of the designs even as they continue to be worked on.

Bizarre exhibition

Just to mention collector Steve is returning to the scene of his first successful Worst Record Sleeves exhibition, this time at part of the Huddersfield Literature Festival. The exhibition runs 10am til 4pm Thursday 23rd March – Sunday 2nd April at the Huddersfield Literature Festival Hub, Huddersfield Piazza, Princess Alexandra Walk HD1 2RS. If you […]