Graham Bonnet biography Easy On The Eye booksIt’s been a while since our last update on the Graham Bonnet Biography.  The artwork was all laid out but came in about 30 pages over the projected page count on which all the production costs are based. As the book has already been publicised we can’t change the price, and neither of us wanted to lose any of the images or text.  So I spent some time juggling the typeface, trying different fonts but not reducing the font size. This looked like it would crack the issue, but threw out all the images from the right places, so there was nothing for it but to redo the layout to correct this.  It proved very tricky in some chapters, so I met up with author Steve Wright last week and we did some of the really difficult sections together on the laptop and this work sorted the problem. Steve has done me a guide for the rest of the changes, and so we should be ready to proof it again next week.