Pretty Snappy

One interesting aspect of the Go Home On A Postcard book has been the research into the cameramen who took these millions of seaside portraits. I say cameramen, because it was generally regarded as the preserve of blokes, certainly prior to the Second World War. Women were generally employed in kiosks and studios. Happily the […]

The Miss Collins, Margate

Our designer took a bit of a busman’s holiday over the Christmas period, and got to grips with Go Home On A Postcard, our delayed Walking Picture Photography title. This has been on hold for a time due to pressures of other projects but we did not want it slipping beyond 2022. The work involved […]

Walking camera

Our upcoming book about street photographs and their practitioners Go Home On A Postcard was recently given a nice preview in the UK’s leading magazine on the history of cameras and photography, Photographica World. They were interested in a newly discovered camera used in the trade and the book’s author penned them a feature on […]