There are only so many hours in a day and easy on the eye have been deeply involved in a number of music related coffee table books over the past twelve months. These are being released by RS Publishing. There have been titles on Deep Purple (documenting a famous festival appearance in America back in 1974), with books on Yes due in a few weeks and others to follow. The books are of an amazing quality, printed and hand-bound in the UK, in large format, and produced to very limited numbers. As you might expect they make huge demands on the producers, and the Deep Purple one alone took months of design work (not to mention talking to photographers, scanning and retouching work). Needless to say this has slowed production of our own projects some, although work has been going on and all being well we will be announcing our next available titles in the next two months. We will be working with RS on future projects. In the meantime, here are a few spreads from the Deep Purple book and you can find out more at the publishers own web site.These titles are not available in shops but only through them.