The ups and downs of Jan getting his work over to us would probably make a book on their own! And it wasn’t just a case of Mac versus PC blues either. We tried sending some trial pages via the web but there were software issues which Jan was eventually able to overcome. The sheer amount of data then saw Jan burning some material to CDR and shipping this over, which helped. I then had the bright idea of suggesting he get a hard drive and copy everything to that, then just ship it across.

When it arrived it looked fine, but was a European round pin plug fit. None of my cables fitted the hard drive, so I zoomed down to Maplin to see if they could sell me something which would work without blowing the unit. They stroked their collective chins a few times and pointed out some very expensive units which might do the job. “Or you could just buy a round pin adapter for £4.99 Sir….”

This problem solved, I tried the hard drive on three Macs and it wouldn’t load successfully on any. However the computers did recognise that there was a drive, indicating that all was not lost. So rather than struggle on myself, I asked our local Sheffield Mac experts at IT Solutions to take over. They were also a bit puzzled, but thought there might have been some minor damage in transit. Happily they were eventually able to get the data off the disc onto a Mac, and then onto a new hard drive which I then brought home … and works fine.

Over the Christmas break I have been going through the files and the sheer amount of research which has gone into collecting this material is almost overwhelming. I am now preparing some test pages for Jan to approve before we steam in and put the final artwork together.