fireworks magazine issue 50“Covered is an eclectic collection of trivia and tackiness, lavishly illustrated and beautifully laid out, which goes some way to showing that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.”
Despite my love of all things Deep Purple (all up to 1976 that is, with selected tracks from thereafter) I’m not a massive listener of rock or metal (industrial is a different matter), but it was nice to see the reviewer in Fireworks Magazine – an unashamed metal glossy – taking some of my gibes in the book about rock sleeves I’m not a great admirer of in good spirit in a nice review of Covered (March / April 2012 issue). I did contact the writer and offer pistols at dawn over the Iron Maiden art, but he felt a game of scrabble might be more in order! You can read the full review here: Fireworks