Below are the first five page-spreads from the forthcoming book Go Home On A Postcard, the story of Walking Picture photography. Do keep in mind that these spreads have been produced from various pages throughout the book but they give a good idea of finished layout and look the designer has gone for, and we’re really pleased with it all.  These replace earlier spreads posted here before the layout was finalised.  More will follow.

88 and 95
Brian and Carole captured by the cameraman on holiday in Skegness in the 1960s / Two of the Wrates camera girls from the same period
82 and 83
Two of the cine camera walking pictures from the 1930s / A family on holiday in St Annes in the 1950s
76 and 77
People on holiday in Scarborough captured by Walking Picture cameramen in the late 1930s
56 and 57
These families were ticketed by walking picture photographers from Snaps in Bridlington during the late Twenties
6 and 7
A family photographed strolling on the front at Cleethorpes in the Fifties, and a walking picture cameraman at work in Bridlington in the Sixties
1 and 5
Some walking pictures were sold in decorated wallets shown here. People on holiday in Scotland taken by Walking Picture photographers