A couple of our older pre-announced titles hit production problems which have led to long delays. Ordinarily we would cancel them for now, take them off the site and then relaunch when the issues are sorted but as they were allocated ISB numbers they are on the worldwide book database. So we have moved them from the FORTHCOMING list here to IN THE PIPELINE, as we still want to see them published but cannot give a confirmed date yet. There are also a couple of titles which are being worked on covered here, until we have more details we can share ahead of preparing more detailed sales information…


This title is in our new Landscape series and delves into the visually astonishing world of lobby cards produced for the Mexican cinema market in the post-War years. All the publicity material had to be translated into Spanish, and along the way they brought in their own artists to interpret the original posters and images – with various degrees of success and often amazing results! Around 250 examples are included, with accompanying text and notes. More details will appear soon. The early cover visual can be seen here.

GRAPHREAKS – The Art Of The Vinyl Album

This is a new title which is being put together slowly by the people at the ST33 vinyl sleeve art site and pulls together a fascinating and eclectic range of vinyl covers from all areas of popular music, esoterica and beyond. Something of a labour of lover, more details will appear when they are ready to wrap the project up, but the pages we have seen look amazing.

WHEN COVER GIRLS RULED…. The Story Of The Top Of The Pops Covers Albums

As this is much requested I have left up the details on the site. The author has had to deal with a serious illness.

STARSTRUCK – Art Of Japanese Picture Sleeve

This was held up when the source we were licensing much of the material from sent it over but then disappeared! We are reworking it. The details have been removed from the site in the meantime.

We also have a couple of upcoming titles which we can introduce here