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ABOUT • The cinema lobby card is now largely a thing of the past. Developed in the early days of cinema, these cards appeared outside and in the entrance lobby as a way of attracting interest from customers. Along with cinema posters, it was one of the few visual means of publicity before the days of the multiplex. The more exciting they could be the better.
Lobby cards were usually produced in black and white in sets of six or eight, each having a different film still with the title and other details added.
But over in Mexico they took lobby cards to a whole new level. It was a world where publicity material from America, Europe and Japan was freely adapted, repainted and repurposed seemingly at will and with little regard for the censors. With bigger and more colourful illustrations, local artists were employed to make the film seem as exciting as possible with lurid images, bold lettering and even fabricated scenes not in the film. And when it comes to movies from the post-war era, the art scaled even greater heights of fantasy. The boom in horror, fantasy and science fiction output saw the illustrators often going over the top in their attempts to lure cinema goers as they exaggerated and sexed up the material. For other films (and locally made titles) the Mexican illustrators did their own thing altogether.
Lovers of horror, gore, b-movies, pulp sci fi book art and pre-woke imagery will find much to enjoy!
These Mexican lobby cards are much collected; one person who has been picking them up for many years is John M. Cozzoli in New York, who has now teamed up with Easy On The Eye Books to produce this fascinating illustrated book containing some of the best (or worst!) of this lobby card art. Artwork is by designer Simon Robinson who has worked on a number of acclaimed titles for us.
Collected into genres and annotated throughout, with specially designed section introductions this is a visual tour de force, with all the material specially scanned to ensure great reproduction quality.

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This title is part of our new Landscape series. For now see how many films you can identify from the front cover montage!