Covered review in The Beat magazineMore nice reviews for Covered recently. Ubupopland is a site I visit from time to time to check his great French album covers, and they have clearly enjoyed the book – plus I like the way they’ve snapped the page spreads. The Beat is a niche magazine mostly devoted to aspects of Rock’n’Roll, R&B, Blues and other music from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. You can check them out at
Its been hard work trying to get Waterstones to stock the title, but happily the local branch has noticed the interest in the title and decided to stock it and see how it goes. At least we can now direct people locally to Sheffield’s only nationwide book store.
At the other end three indie shops are also helping out. The LP RECORD STORE on Arundel Street and VINYL DEMAND on Rockingham Street are two new specialist record shops in Sheffield, and have taken the title for us. Lastly a new second-hand book shop BOOKS ON THE PARK is stocking the book. Sited on Ecclesall Road (near Endcliffe Park – hence the name) this is a well stocked and smartly laid out shop worth a visit. They’ve even added a small vinyl rack which is fairly fatal as far as I’m concerned! They’ve only been open a few weeks, having moved across the road from their former shop as they needed more space.
On the continent, author Jan Bellekens has been having fun doing local record fairs and selling the book direct.

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