eye magazine covered review

Eye Magazine, devoted to graphic design old and new, including music packaging, has done a great post on their blog about the Covered book with examples and comment. “Until I read Covered, I’d no idea just how many copycat album covers had been unleashed upon the world – good, bad and mostly very (and sometimes deliberately) ugly. But highly entertaining. Simon Robinson adds credits, witty captions and typographical critiques.”

Author Jan Bellekens has also been interviewed by more papers and Reklame Klokje have featured the story in their online edition in Belgium. You can see the story here.

More media outlets have got reviews on the way and Jonny Trunk has asked to review it for the UK magazine Record Collector. Trunk Records is a great label, unearthing and issuing many esoteric projects both on CD (such as lost theme music and advertising jingles) and in books (Jonny’s latest on Sainsbury’s own brand packaging is one of those titles which makes you want it immediately and we reviewed his book on Library Music albums on the ST33.net site a while ago).