Graham Bonnet / The Story Behind The Shades

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Page previews from Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 here

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  1. Really interesting, Graham was born to sing…I am his third cousin,his mom was my dad’s first cousin. Love his powerhouse vocals which I remember hearing on our school bus back in the early 60’s,so glad he made a good career for himself….Rock on Graham!!!! we love you in skegness….

  2. Thanks for dropping by Diane. I bet you have some good stories to tell 🙂 I was in Skegness with Graham in July. I’d just like to say that Trevor did some great singles in the 60s. I miss him !!

  3. Youre welcome steve… Graham has been so talented since being knee high, We used to ride the school bus and he would get on with his guitar and serenade the whole bus of kids, Done a wonderful rendition of Elvis songs and one i liked was Good luck charm!! and he had the Elvis curled lip too, Ah those were the days. Love his music

  4. Thanks for that Diane. Yes, I think I’ve got some photos of him doing his curled up lip bit ha ha !! I wish we’d communicated earlier as it would have been nice to have interviewed you and added a few of your stories.

  5. I first met Graham when he delivered our meat order from Dewhirsts Butchers (on his bike!).
    We always talked about his musical ambitions and when he became part of a new rock group with another friend of ours Roger Sleath I started to assist with their transport to various gigs (Happy Days Club at Chapel St Leonard’s and The Long Bar at Seaview Hotel, Skegness)
    My favourite was when they played Tamborine Man by the Byrds.
    Cannot wait to see his autobiography.

  6. Hi Derek, nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments. I bet you have a quite a few stories up your sleeve !! I think you will enjoy reading what Roger, Steve, Noel and Graham have to say about those days. Are you still in Skegness ?

  7. That is great Derek. Every so often I visit Skegness with Steve Hardy and we meet up with various people…. friends, reletives and ex-band mates etc wgho I interviewed in the early 90s. We stay at the North Shore Hotel so it would be nice to meet up. I’m hoping to come over around the end of September.

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