top of the pops cover girlTo anyone spotting the Top Of The Pops title being advertised by Amazon and others (even Sainsbury’s online!) as available to buy, ignore them. We’re sorry about this but these companies are now so big they can more or less do whatever they want. A lot of the big online retailers do this sort of trick to grab orders, rather than waiting until the book is actually out (I’ve seen CDs I’m working on being advertised as for sale when I haven’t even finished the cover artwork!). Personally I never buy new books online, but always order through a proper high street shop. If the big book companies had any sense they’d get together and organise their own online site, which doesn’t screw publishers, and then refuse to sell to Amazon and the like. J.K. Rowling has shown it can be done).
But if you haven’t got a local shop and want to pre-order, our own dedicated online store will be up and running very shortly. And the Easy shop will also have some exclusive material.

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