One interesting aspect of the Go Home On A Postcard book has been the research into the cameramen who took these millions of seaside portraits. I say cameramen, because it was generally regarded as the preserve of blokes, certainly prior to the Second World War. Women were generally employed in kiosks and studios. Happily the author managed to track down details of the lady who could well have been the first in the UK to actually begin taking the portraits. Within 15 years women were working for a number of the walking picture firms until by the mid-Sixties one firm in Skegness had moved over to only using female photographers.

This tabloid newspaper article was unearthed for us by Paul which illustrates one approach to the idea of women photographers, although by this time the shirt and tie approach of the blokes had also often been dropped in favour of a pair of grotty shorts! Out of curiosity I got in touch with the paper concerned and after a couple of days they had found the negatives from 60 years ago and got them scanned for me. It had clearly been a proper photo journalist story too but inevitably out of all the images the paper decided to go for the bathing suit image. As has the book. Don’t fret, the grotty bloke’s shorts are also in there for balance!

I wonder if Miss Broadstairs ever made it to become an air stewardess?