Comsat Angels • The Glamour – (Ltd box CD)


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The Glamour is the ninth and final album by the Comsat Angels, released in 1995 on RPM Records and on Caroline Records in the US. In 2007, Renascent reissued the album as a double CD with seven additional tracks.

This was the Comsat Angels’ last studio album and the only one with a lineup of five band members. Bass player Kevin Bacon had left the band after the release of My Minds Eye and was replaced by Terry Todd. A second guitarist, Simon Anderson, was also added.

Comsats frontman Stephen Fellows regretted how rushed they were in producing this album, saying, “We were prevented by deadlines from finishing all the music we were recording.” He also said, in a 1997 interview, “Although I am very pleased with The Glamour as the last album it was kind of [Mik Glashier] piloted that one, he wanted to make a rock album”. In his view, the 2007 reissue, with its added tracks, improved the album. Fellows said, “This is much closer to how it should have been”.

Psychedelic Dungeon – 3:57
The Glamour – 3:15
Audrey in Denim – 4:46
Oblivion – 7:42
Web of Sound – 3:52
Breaker – 6:23
SS100X – 3:41
Sailor – 3:24
Demon Lover – 3:15
Pacific Ocean Blues – 4:22
Anjelica – 4:11
Valley of the Nile – 4:32
Spaced – 8:51