The Very Alternative Guide to Spinal Cord Injury

What have rabbits, t-shirts and tax bills got to do with spinal cord injury?

Find out in The Very Alternative Guide to Spinal Cord Injury, an informative look at the ups, downs and side-ways of becoming spinal cord injured. From initial injury, to escaping hospital and beyond; this guide may help you or someone you know survive and maybe smile as life takes a frankly painful and hugely unexpected path.



Combining first-hand experience, questionable humour and loads of time saving pictures, this guide has been written from the hard born stories of those who have done it.

The Very Alternative Guide to Spinal Cord Injury is a unique combination of health information, real life experiences and visual content. It breaks conventions by using humour to tackle issues that aren’t not easy to discuss. Bright, eye-catching, funny and sarcastic…you won’t find a book on spinal cord injury like it anywhere.

It rips up the rules when it comes to average information on spinal injury – complicated, medical texts that weigh the same as a small car, or dull as dishwater booklets that send you to sleep. Want something different? Well you’ve come to the right place.

The authors have expertise in psychology, graphic art and of course spinal cord injury. Together, they have produced a book to help individuals, families and friends who have been touched by the experience of spinal cord injury. Health professionals will also find it is a very useful resource as we have made important information more interesting and engaging.

A brilliant idea, beautifully realised and very funny” – Andy, spinal cord injured.

“I would recommend to all who have been touched by spinal cord injury” Leon, spinal cord injured.

“After a spinal cord injury or illness, we know that humour can help, information can help, and support can help. This book brilliantly combines all these elements” – Helen Smith, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, London Spinal Cord Injury Centre.

You can see some  sample page spreads here.