With the layout finished, The Art of The Bizarre Vinyl Sleeve is now into final proof reading stage.  This takes the form of a b/w laser print out, as we all spot things better on paper!  Prior to this, Steve came over to the Easy On The Eye office so we could sit and talk through changes as well as swop a few sleeves about and discuss other odds and ends.  It’s always easier to do this in person so you can look at the layouts on screen in real time.

For example the Vietnam Chain album on the desk in the photo here is one I had not even scanned first time around, yet Steve explained it was almost always in the top ten of people’s choice of worst sleeve at his exhibitions, so we needed to make room for that.  Happily talking to the printers, we found we had an extra 4 pages to play with so did not have to part with any of our other particular favourites!

On the monitor here is one such, the amazing World of Joseph Cooper sleeve, which, with all the dead leaves on top of his piano, we always feel looks like Joseph has been embalmed and placed in the garden as a memento mori…  and for those too young to know, wait until you read about his famous dummy keyboard.

Read more about the project on the forthcoming page.