Work on our next DEEP PURPLE title, Fire In The Sky, has continued during the lockdown period. As a result we decided to increase the page count significantly over that period. So much so that we will have to revise the price prior to actual publication! However the new material does add a lot to the story and it seemed a shame not to take this opportunity to include it. In addition there will be a good number of extra images and photographs which help explain crucial aspects of the story, including some we hope have not been seen before. We will update final publication details as soon as we can. In terms of production, the book artwork and layout is now complete apart from the extra photo pages. We have also run the finished layout past our proof-readers for another check, you can never be too careful! In the meantime here a couple more new page spreads and you can see more on the site. The spread below shows a collection of contemporary reviews (some of them very rare) which have been reproduced in full to give a real feel for exactly how the album was received by the press at the time.