The Art Of The Bizarre Vinyl Sleeve is starting to get noticed ahead of publication (the book can be pre-ordered now via our shop).  Part of this has been due to the news of Stewart Lee doing a foreword for the book.  We asked Stewart as he is [a] our favourite comedian, [b] a clever writer and [c] a vinyl collector, so we were very chuffed when he agreed (we did also try and contact Dolly Parton but has no luck there!).  You will have to read his piece in the book; suffice it to say we had tears rolling down our faces.

The Williamson Museum and Gallery are throwing themselves into the spirit with an exhibition of Steve’s sleeves starting on November 17th (check their site for opening times), and on Friday 15th December they are throwing a Worst Records Christmas Party! 6-8pm, Entrance is free but only by ticket, available through Linktree.  Steve has put together a party mix of some of the strangest music from his collection.

Steve has also been on BBC Radio Leeds chatting with the breakfast presenter there Rima Ahmed.  It is available on BBC Sounds in full (24th oct), but Steve’s piece is on his Instagram page.