It doesn’t take much to turn me back into a fan-boy and getting a lovely endorsement from guitarist Tony McPhee for the book of Brian Smith’s Blues Photos last year (after sending him a PDF proof) certainly did the trick. He was of course enthralled by the music of the musicians featured in the book and became so well versed in their records that his group The Groundhogs were often booked to back them on UK tours. They needed little rehearsal, they already knew the songs backwards. Here the band were caught by Brian outside their tour van with Jimmy Reed. I recognised some of the group (Tony is second from the left) but Tony kindly filled us in on the exact details. I’m a generation down from Brian, and The Groundhogs were the first live group I ever saw, setting me off on a love of their material and in particular his remarkable guitar work, which remains to this day. He will be very much missed here.