Three ladies strolling in Margate in 1922, captured by a Walking Picture cameraman from Sunbeam, and a lady in Torquay in 1949 captured by Happy Snaps

Our designer took a bit of a busman’s holiday over the Christmas period, and got to grips with Go Home On A Postcard, our delayed Walking Picture Photography title. This has been on hold for a time due to pressures of other projects but we did not want it slipping beyond 2022. The work involved him reconnecting with the page layouts and recent software updates, but went well. Although the work over-ran into early January, it does mean that the book is now completely laid out. All the captions have been added and checked, and we were able to make a few difficult picture choices (there are far more images than could possibly be included) and so arrive at a final page count. Once done, this meant all the pages could at last be numbered; this took three days, due to a design idea to base them on negative reference numbers from the old prints (instead of using the layout software option which would have done it in two minutes)!
The book now moves into the stage of preparing it technically for print after which we should be able to predict a likely publication date. We have also now update our first sample pages on this site and more will follow. The spread above gives a really good idea of the final look.
It is our intention to offer the title at a pre-publication price here so people can get this at a bit of a discount ahead of anyone else.
We will also be preparing a mailing list to try and update everyone who has contributed material to the project.