A few Top Of The Pops album collectors have noticed a full set of the albums being sold online, and Terry Wilson has been keeping an eye on it. Apparently the owner put the set up for sale as a complete set only, and asked a large sum for it (it may have been as high as £1500!).
It didn’t sell needless to say (there is a tendency these days for a few sellers to ‘try it on’ at first, just in case someone with more money than sense is surfing) and was readvertised shortly afterwards at a straight auction and reached the reserve of £150, and was sold for this. Which is a pretty good price really, considering the last few albums alone can spark bidding wars now from people keen to finish their set off.
Then the set reappeared for sale again, supposedly due to the earlier buyer backing out, and with a new price of £500 – buy it now. Which is a lot to shell out in one go, it works out at about a fiver a pop. I had a look at the auction, and was surprised to see the seller note that the set was actually missing one album which he’d mislaid. On the other hand he was throwing in a batch of related albums, Best Ifs, Tots etc.

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  1. We’re working on a sale area on our new online store, and will stick some spare TOTPs albums up there, I’ve got loads in the attic all boxed up! Apart from my full set, which is housed in one of those fifties record cabinets with the sliding doors and brass edging. Cheesy or what? Anyhow, we might be able to fill some gaps. The albums are getting thin on the ground out in charity shop land these days.

  2. is there 92 original uk lps plus 1 best ofs
    there’s the australian ones ( i think 24). i dont care about totp cds.
    am starting and i have over 50 but i only pay less than $5 .

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