As we all face issues about where we can and cannot walk outdoors, here’s a reminder of what were in many ways less stressful times with a couple more page previews from the upcoming book of street photographs, Go Home On A Postcard. This book explores the art of cameramen who photographed holidaymakers and other people in the street hoping to sell them a print.

The trade began back in the 1920s but continued into the 1970s and the page above shows some unusual colour examples with great Seventies fashions on the teenagers. On the right are a couple taking a break in Hunstanton. Click on an image for a larger version.

The jazzy blazers on the two ladies above mark them out to be street photographers, working in Skegness in the 1950s. Women until then had worked mainly in the kiosks and backroom operations but increasingly began taking cameras on to the street and in some towns replaced their male counterparts. On the right is an older walking picture, a groups of friends chat and stroll down a prom seemingly unaware they were being photographed.

There is more information about the forthcoming title on the site.

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