Our upcoming book about street photographs and their practitioners Go Home On A Postcard was recently given a nice preview in the UK’s leading magazine on the history of cameras and photography, Photographica World. They were interested in a newly discovered camera used in the trade and the book’s author penned them a feature on this which spanned some eight pages in the end. The magazine is only available to subscribers and much of the detail was far too technical for the book itself but has certainly drawn interest to the subject from techie experts. They even made the beaten up camera their cover star as you can see below! This Thornton Pickard Super Reflex camera was used by Sunbeam Photos from the 1930s into the 1960s as a walking picture camera, taking up to a 1,000 images a day at the height of each holiday season in Margate. You can read more about this fascinating area of photography on the dedicated website Go Home On A Postcard.

Photographica World 2020